Chen Qing Ling Zhi Sheng Hun information
Chen Qing Ling Zhi Sheng Hun

Other name: 

Country:  China

Genres:  Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Date aired:  2019-10-09

Status:  Completed           


There are rumors of a "Lighting Murder Case" in Fufeng. Wen Ning starts his investigation when he arrives in Fufeng and finds a man and his sister were murdered. At night, a fight breaks out between a mysterious black shadow and Wen Ning. His old acquaintance Lan Sizhui suddenly appears when the shadow escapes. Through joint efforts of Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui, the two finally solve the mystery and seize the criminal.

Episode name Day Added
Chen Qing Ling Zhi Sheng Hun Movie 04/15/2022