Chuan wen zhong de chen qian qian information
Chuan wen zhong de chen qian qian

Other name: 

Country:  China

Genres:  Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Date aired:  2020-05-18

Status:  Completed           


Chen Xiao Qian, an unknown screenwriter who's been single since birth, worked really hard and finally finished a grand drama of a heroine. It was planned to started filming, but stopped because the actor Han Ming Xing questioned a lot about the script. One day, she accidentally got stuck in her own script and turned into the third princess of Huayan city, a city where females dominate. The third princess past self was determined to marry Han Shuo, a crown prince of the enemy city despite being engaged to Pei Heng, a ministry of education. The little support role of Third Princess revises the whole play to survive and eventually develop her relationship between prince Han Shuo and Pei Heng.

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Chuan wen zhong de chen qian qian
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