(Ab)normal Desire information
(Ab)normal Desire

Other name: 

Country:  Japan

Genres:  Drama

Date aired:  2023-11-10

Status:  Completed           


Director Yoshiyuki Kishi and screenwriter Takehito Minato—the team behind acclaimed boxing epic Wilderness—reunite to adapt Ryo Asai's prize-winning novel. A sensitive drama about the aberrant in a society without regard for diversity, the story unites characters trying to hide abnormalities: a prosecutor who is worried that his pubescent son is a shut-in, an introverted saleswoman with a peculiar habit, and a student tortured by feelings she can’t express. In a world fill with abnormalities, what if it’s actually normal to be abnormal?

Episode name Day Added
(Ab)normal Desire Movie 06/08/2024
(Ab)normal Desire
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