Tonhon Chonlatee information
Tonhon Chonlatee

Other name: 

Country:  Thailand

Genres:  Drama, Romance

Date aired:  2020-11-13

Status:  Ongoing           


A university student named Chonlatee secretly has a crush on his childhood friend Tonhon since he was a kid. Sadly, Tonhon is confirmed straight several times and is even homophobic. Years later after they're both grown up, Ton returns home and runs into his old friend. He later learns that Chon has been accepted into his university and they go back to live together his dorm with his two other roomies, Ai and Ni. The bonding resulting from them now living together begins to offers Chon false hope and he begins to fall even deeper for Ton even if he knows it will probably only end in heartbreak. However, it seems like he's not the only one; Ton begins to ask himself why each time Chonlatee is close with someone else, he feels insecure and possessive over him, especially if he truly sees him as only a brother. Ton is left with a serious choice to make: continue to deny his feelings but lose Chon forever, or follow his heart but lose the support of his own family?

Tonhon Chonlatee
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