Dr. Brain information
Dr. Brain

Other name: 

Country:  South Korea

Genres:  Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Date aired:  2021-11-04

Status:  Ongoing           


When Lee Se-Won was a child, his mother died in a hit and run accident. He decided afterwards to become a brain scientist. He is a genius and he remembers everything he sees. 20 years after his mother's death, Lee Se-Won has become a famous Ph.D scientist in the brain science field. One day, a mysterious person contacts him and asks him to extract information from the brain of a man who committed suicide. Lee Se-Won is interested and accepts the proposal. He attempts to extract information from the dead man's brain, but fails. A couple of days later, he finds himself behaving differently and seeing things differently. Lee Se-Won looks into the dead man's case.

Episode name Day Added
Dr. Brain Episode 06 12/12/2021
Dr. Brain Episode 05 05/14/2022
Dr. Brain Episode 04 05/14/2022
Dr. Brain Episode 03 05/14/2022
Dr. Brain Episode 02 05/14/2022
Dr. Brain Episode 01 05/14/2022