Lady Vengeance information
Lady Vengeance

Other name: 

Country:  South Korea

Genres:  Crime, Drama, Thriller

Date aired:  2006-02-10

Status:  Ongoing           


Wrongfully accused of child abduction and murder, the angelic-faced single mother, Lee Geum-ja, is released from prison after thirteen long years. Hell-bent on taking her sweet revenge on the man behind the hideous crime, Lee hatches an infallible plan of retribution with the help of her cellmates; however, planning is easier than doing. Now--as Lee Geum-ja struggles to make amends with the daughter she was forced to give up--at the same time, she finds herself torn between her insatiable thirst for vengeance and the desperate need for atonement. Can she have both? —Nick Riganas

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Lady Vengeance Movie 02/02/2023