Commando information

Other name: 

Country:  India

Genres:  Action, Adventure, Thriller

Date aired:  2013-04-12

Status:  Ongoing           


Captain Karan Dogra's helicopter crashes on China border during a training. Karan is suspected to spy in China and it becomes difficult for him as well as senior Indian officer's to convince the Chinese government that he wasn't a spy.The Indian Government disowns Karan and he is tortured in China and has to face a trial during a court hearing, he manages to escape via the Himachal-Punjab border and comes across a young girl Simrit whose escaping from Amrit Kanwal (AK 47) who wants to marry Smmrit for political benefits and has control over the whole region.Karan decides to help Simrit a she feels that these are the enemies within the country. —[email protected]

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Commando Movie 03/19/2023