Undertaker information

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Country:  Thailand

Genres:  Comedy, Drama, Horror

Date aired:  2023-10-05

Status:  Completed           


Joed, a 25-year-old law graduate, is hesitant to take over his father's undertaker business because he is afraid of ghosts. However, his father's condition is worsening, and he has no choice but to help. Siang, a heartbroken man who have left the monkhood, is obsessed with finding a way to meet his deceased ex-girlfriend, Bai Khao. He learns of a ceremony that can allow astral travel to the dream world, where he could meet dead people. Siang offers to help Joed with the undertaker business in exchange for Joed's father performing the ceremony. In the end, everything has its time, and everyone learns and understands the nature of truth, holding on to someone, and losing a loved one.

Episode name Day Added
Undertaker Movie 03/11/2024